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Short-Term Senior Rehabilitation

Get back to your best self fast with modern rehabilitation.

Following serious illness, injury or surgery, short-term senior rehabilitation services can speed your recovery and improve long-term outcomes.


In the Kansas City area, The Grand Royale stands out for senior rehab services. We’ll get you back on your feet, back home, and help you regain your best possible quality of life.

What to expect from our inpatient rehabilitation.

Recover and rehabilitate in a comfortable, homelike setting with attentive, personalized care.

With dedicated support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, those who require short-term senior rehabilitation in Kansas City enjoy the same enriching opportunities and programs our Independent Living and Assisted Living residents do, bringing our residents, families and friends peace of mind. With so much to improve your lifestyle and medical outcomes, The Grand Royale is the “senior rehabilitation near me” you’ve hoped for.

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Employing a warm and gentle approach, our goal is to restore you to your highest functional level of physical activity and cognitive abilities. When it comes to managing your therapy, your team will include your primary care physician and specialists in the therapies you need, including:


  • Senior physical therapy

  • Senior occupational therapy

  • Senior speech therapy

  • Senior wound care following surgery


Senior physical therapists work with people who have experienced an injury or disease that affects their range of motion or causes pain during movement. Therapy is often referred by a physician. Our specialists use a combination of exercise, stretches, manual therapy techniques, and equipment to restore function and relieve pain.


Senior occupational therapists work with people whose ability to perform daily tasks has been compromised – often following injury or a health crisis such as a stroke. The goal is to utilize tools and develop techniques to regain autonomy and live safely – often, this includes preventing falls.


Occupational therapy in our health center includes the following:


  • Customized treatment plans

  • Recommended changes to your home environment to fit your abilities

  • Coaching new methods to accomplish common tasks

  • Training with adaptive equipment

  • Progress assessments and reports


Occupational therapy is sometimes combined with physical therapy to improve or recover strength.


Senior speech therapists can help older adults improve communication and cognitive skills,  as well as teach safe swallowing. These treatments are often necessary following a stroke or traumatic injury or for those living with dementia. Included in speech therapy are diet modifications and special feeding techniques, muscle retraining, and the use of communication devices.

What happens after your senior rehab services?


Senior rehabilitation speeds the recovery process and leads to better outcomes. Some rehabilitation patients at The Grand Royale move home and live independently. On the other hand, many short-term rehabilitation patients fall in love with the lively and attentive culture full-time residents enjoy. It’s not uncommon for rehab patients to choose to move into an Independent Living or Assisted Living residence at The Grand Royale, embracing a wonderful lifestyle secured by a continuum of on-site care.

Short Term Rehabilitation at the Grand Royale in Gladstone MO
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