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The Value of Downsizing: 4 Unexpected Benefits

So you’re thinking about downsizing and are wondering where to begin. You’re probably nervous about leaving home. After all, it’s a testament to your hard work and a life well lived, so there's no doubt this change will require a lot of thought. However, there may be a time when downsizing to a senior living residence or apartment is the most sensible choice. Listed below are four examples of the value a senior living community can bring to your life.

Benefit 1: Enjoy Your Days to The Fullest.

You might be surprised how much of your time you get back after moving to a senior living community like The Grand Royale. Without home maintenance, household chores, and worrying about utilities, you can make the absolute most of your time, doing just what you like.

You’re certain to find something here that appeals to you. Right now, you have opportunities to learn new things about yourself and the chance to grow and expand your opportunities. One of the best ways to achieve this is to join a dynamic community that supports your well-being. Look into the amenities and care levels offered by local communities. And with amenities like a pub, barbershop and movie theater, there’s always something to do.

Benefit 2: Save Money on Living Costs.

You can also save money by moving to a retirement community. For some older adults, managing household expenses can become more difficult on a fixed income. But what if you didn’t have a mortgage, property tax, and homeowners insurance payments? What if you could consolidate housing, utilities, meals, entertainment, gym membership, and entertainment costs into a single monthly payment? Compared to living at home, it's surprising how much more affordable it can be to live in a senior living community. It all starts with moving to a place like The Grand Royale.

Benefit 3: Save Time and Energy on Daily Chores.

It can be both stressful and unpredictable to keep up with home maintenance.

And sometimes chores seem endless. In addition, the larger the space, the more maintenance is necessary to keep it in good shape. Most senior communities include maintenance services, in addition to standard housekeeping and landscaping. You also don't have to prepare, cook or plan all your meals at a community like The Grand Royale, where our restaurant-style meals feature local, organic foods.

Benefit 4: Declutter and Become More Organized.

Unburdening yourself of clutter: what a feeling! Sometimes you might need to get creative when deciding what to keep. Check out these downsizing tips for some ideas.

Both you and your family members can benefit from sorting through your possessions and paring them down prior to the move. In moving to a retirement community like The Grand Royale, you can rest assured your every need will be met in a modern and luxurious setting.

Refreshing Senior Living in Kansas City

Here at The Grand Royale, we offer residences in Independent Living, Assisted Living and Short-Term Rehabilitation services. Come visit us in Gladstone!


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