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Living in a Senior Living Community vs. Aging in Place

Some older adults have the perception that senior living means slowing down and staying in. In fact, retirement communities can revive activity and prolong autonomy.

“The services, amenities and programs at an Independent Living community keep residents active and engaged,” says Laura Mullennix, Director of Marketing for The Grand Royale. “Life at a senior living community boosts moods, improves health, and increases social interactions.”

Keep reading to discover the benefits of an Independent Living community as they compare to the challenges of staying at home.

Freedom from Household Responsibilities

When you live at home, routine household upkeep takes time, and home maintenance can result in unexpected expenses. But with a move to senior living, most of these household duties are taken care of for you.

At a community like The Grand Royale, you can expect:

  • Scheduled transportation

  • Weekly housekeeping

  • Interior and exterior home maintenance

  • Restaurant-style meals

Not having to worry about these sorts of daily tasks grants you the freedom to enjoy your leisure. You can pick up new hobbies and invest in the people around you.

Top-Notch Amenities

Going to get ice cream with friends or treating yourself to a spa day is easy when these perks are on site. Most senior living communities offer these sorts of amenities for planned and impromptu social engagements. This allows for variety, spontaneity and convenience.

  • The Blind Tiger Speakeasy

  • Moustachio’s Barbershop

  • Movie theater

  • Bombshell’s Beauty Bar

  • Wayne’s Creamery

  • Billiards parlor

A Full Calendar of Activities

While your residence might be downsized when you move to an Independent Living community, the opportunities available right outside your door expand exponentially. Senior living communities present older adults with a calendar full of activities to continue learning, moving and growing.

Whether you’re excited to participate in fitness classes, arts and crafts tutorials, book clubs, or lectures, senior living supports your curiosities and interests.

Connection to a Community of Like-Minded People

When you choose to age in place, you’re at risk of isolation, which can have detrimental effects, negatively impacting both your mental and physical health.

On the other hand, a senior living community fosters friendships among residents, offering ample opportunity to connect. Living, eating and engaging in activities together can create a special bond that improves your overall well-being.

Healthcare Support

When you age in place, it’s highly likely you’ll need home care services. For some, this means family members will take on the role of caregiver; for others, it means they will have to hire home care providers.

Most senior living communities offer levels of care to meet residents’ changing needs. Once you make the transition into senior living, you’ll likely have options like Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing accessible to you. Knowing these additional care tiers exist may offer you greater peace of mind as you age.

The Grand Royale: An Extended Vacation

The Grand Royale is a senior living community in Gladstone, Missouri, that allows seniors to hand off the hassles of household obligations and participate in our active, engaging community life. We offer seniors several different living options, floor plans and levels of care to suit their individual needs. Contact us today to schedule a tour.


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