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5 Signs To Look for Over the Holidays To Know It’s Time To Have “the Talk”

The holidays can be a wonderful time for families to put aside their busy schedules and spend some quality time with their loved ones. Some travel from far away while others who, although live close, find it harder and harder to observe the routine habits of their aging loved ones. During the holidays, as we are able to spend extended time with our loved ones and observe their habits at home, here are five signs to look for that may mean it is time for your loved one to start exploring more appropriate living situations.

Top five signs your parent may need a higher level of care:

Chronic Health Issues – “Frequent Flyer” meaning there has been an increase of hospitalizations, emergency room visits and/or physician appointments. Has your loved one experienced a recent fall or has become more fixated on health concerns that can lead to increased anxiety?

Restlessness or Aggression – Lack of stimulation leading to agitation can be offset with more engagement and enrichment opportunities. When we have increased socialization, this improves our overall mental and physical health.

Poor Eating Habits – Nutrition is everything! Community living ensures a healthy diet, socialization and professional eyes on your loved one to determine if additional factors need to be addressed.

Inability To Manage Medications – Consistency on all medications is key to their effectiveness. Additionally, risk factors rise dramatically when medication is not regulated. Having professional daily oversight will decrease medication errors, missed doses and any confusion related to medication changes.

Withdrawing from Things They Have Always Loved To Do – When our loved ones become withdrawn, it is usually a tell-tale sign of depression, as basic tasks have become more difficult for them. This also goes hand in hand with the decreased socialization we experience as we age.

If any of these signs become apparent over the holiday and you feel “the talk” needs to begin, there are several resources that can be utilized to help make the best decision for your family.

Senior Resource Centers of Clay and Platte Counties

Kyla Mitchell at The Grand Royale:

Northland’s Shepherd Center:

A Place for Mom:

Senior Care Authority:


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